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SolarVault Solutions

Leading the initiative in bringing you clean, quiet, and sustainable energy storage solutions.

Residential Solar

Save money and take ownership of your power. Give yourself the peace of mind knowing that your family is protected during outages, and helping the environment. (Click to Learn More)


We've developed a battery solution that provides the reliability you need in a power outage for a third of the price. Start to to harness & store the energy your panels are producing.
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Off-Grid Vehicles

We outfit all types of vehicles with solar panels and batteries for off grid camping or traveling, including solar panels for a bus, camper, tiny house, RV's and more. (Click to Learn More)


Our approach to solar came after seeing how many homes are affected by power outages each year, especially in areas where natural disasters are prevalent.
We also wondered how it is that some areas in the world STILL do not have electricity and that sparked the idea for a generator that would never need fossil fuel (or any fuel for that matter) to keep it running.
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Solar is an ever-evolving industry, and our direct relationship with distributors allows us to offer the newest and highest quality equipment available. All equipment is under warranty from the largest solar manufacturers in the U.S.


We guarantee savings from day one. The combination of government incentives, zero down payments, and our direct relationship with distributors allows you to own your power and have more control.


Over a decade of solar experience allows for a streamlined, efficient process for all customers. Feel confident knowing that your project is being handled by a team of professionals at all times, with whom you have direct communication.
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