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Battery Storage Solutions

Providing reliable and affordable peace-of-mind solar storage solutions.

This is the only way to do Solar

Our Solar Battery Storage Solutions deliver the power you need whenever you need it without extra noise, fuss, or extra cost.

SolarVault generators operate without making any sound. Without a gas powered engine, you never need to worry “If you are keeping the neighbors up” Thus allowing you to use your power whenever you need it.
No maintenance, no running costs and no additional expenses. SolarVault batteries harness the power of the sun, store it internally, and provide uninterrupted power when you need it the most. When paired with your home solar system, SolarVault batteries provides constant and consistent power.
SolarVault batteries are powered by state of the art LIFEP04, lithium-ion batteries. At around 1/3 the weight of standard lead-acid batteries, with 4 times the power, you are getting the best of the best
SolarVault “Apocalypse” Line

Full Home Solar Battery

Robust, large scale, home solar battery storage. Designed with the capability to power your entire home through any power outage.
SolarVault “Apocalypse” batteries are a turn-key solution. There are no additional parts required for installation. To install, you simply wire the solar PV panel and your AC input/output lines and you are done.
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SolarVault “Eclipse” 3.3kw Generator

Emergency Backup

Emergency backup solar generator. Perfect for powering the essentials in your home or RV.

The SolarVault “Eclipse” solar generators are “hybrid charging” units that require almost no additional installation procedures. Multiple lines are run directly from the solar panels down into your battery before they ever enter your home inverter or power box. (Thus bypassing any net metering or permitting laws.)

During normal power circumstances, you can utilize any standard wall outlet to charge. When a power outage occurs, you simply unplug from the standard wall outlet and instead plug into the solar quick-connect that came installed with your solar generator.

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